Thursday, October 18, 2007

It has been an exhausting, eventful week (or two)!

Last August 31st, my husband, Dennis, was driving home from work on a Friday afternoon, the start of Labor Day weekend. Of course, traffic was heavy, as it was Friday, and a Ford Explorer decided to turn into Dennis' truck. Thank God, Dennis saw him coming and tried to avoid him as best he could, but the Ford did manage to hit our Toyota at the front of the door and push Dennis off the road into a pole which damaged the other side. Fortunately, the truck still drives, but the door does not seal on the top edge. Well, the other driver does not have insurance. He is a very remorseful man, however, and wanted to pay for our damages, until he found out the estimate for repairs was over $3,700! Our truck is 18 years old, but only had 69,000 miles on it and we've never had any major problems with it. Anyway, long story short, we filed a claim with Allstate (who were so nice) for uninsured motorists and received almost $3,500 for the truck. Here is what the smooshed truck looked like:

We began looking on Craig's list for a replacement truck for Dennis and within a week we found this beauty:

Doesn't it look familiar? It's actually 5 years younger that our old truck, and has all the extras on it, that the old truck didn't have. A/C, sunroof, bucket seats with perfect upholstry, a bed liner and cover, power windows and locks, and only 30,000 miles on a factory installed motor, which replaced the original motor about 7 years ago. It's a great little truck and Dennis is very pleased with it. We were so blessed to find it. The couple we bought it from were the nicest people, even served us ice cream while we filled out the paperwork and went to the DMV with us.

The same day we bought the new Toyota truck, Dennis went to his Tuesday night bowling league, even though he was tired from running around trying to get the new truck. He almost didn't go, but boy, is he glad he did. He ended up bowling a 300! His first 300! His league gave him $100 and a ring for that too. That's his score on the line that starts DJR.

I have managed to get some knitting done. I'm making some progress on the Tilted Duster, in fact, I hope to finished the collar tonight. Then I've just got to sew in the sleeves and do and edging around the bottom so it won't curl. I'm really pleased with this sweater and have gotten some really great tips from Pixie over at the WEBS yarn store in their KAL.

I also started this sock. It is the Thuga pattern from Knitty. I'm using some Lion Brand Magic Stripes in a lumberjack colorway from my stash. I think these will be for my son, Dillon, who is living in Seattle now and will definitely need some warm socks for up there.

A while back, I blogged about the Kauni yarn and sweater I'd like to make. I've been trying to get Kathy and Steve Elkins over at WEBS to bring in some Kauni from Europe. I've posted over at Ravelry in the WEBS group to see how many people would be interested in buying the yarn from WEBS and there has been a great response. I hope that we can make it happen. I found some great photos of the yarn and a few gorgeous sweaters that have been created with it. Aren't they lovely?

This sweater in progress in from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions and is the Kauni SSSSweater. Isn't that a great design?
This one is a Damask Kauni from Passing down Crazy. I so want to make both of these. If this yarn interests you go over to WEBS and let them know.

Well, I think that's enough for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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