Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Is this the cutest thing you've ever seen or what?

Meet the latest addition to our family! This is our huggable hedgehog. Actually, she is not quite finished yet. I felted her last night and she needs to dry for a few days before she gets her face and a final stuffing. This was a fun little project. This is what she looked like before she went in the wash:
And this was her backside:

I, also, finished my Tilted Duster last weekend. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out. I fits me great and is very warm and cozy, just in time for these chilly mornings. As I mentioned before, I hadn't knit a nice wool sweater before and I am so glad I got the courage to try this one. I learned so much from the KAL at WEBS. Now I feel confidant that I could tackle another sweater project. (And, of course, I do have a few in mind...)

I made a pair of Thuja socks in the Magic Stripes Lumberjack colorway for one of my sons. I like the way this pattern looks in the stripes, and find it to be quite a masculine pattern.

I am currently finishing up the Sweater Sampler, which is great for learning so many sweater-making techniques. After it is done, I will settle on a sweater pattern to try (I'm thinking of an Elizabeth Zimmermann pattern or perhaps one from the Sweater Sampler book) and also have the Elann Uros Aran to make the Victorian Lace Shawl. Ahhh, so many patterns, so little time.


abunchofus said...

cute cute hedgehog! is that your own pattern?

love the Thuja's! I'm getting ready to cast on my first pair!

Knitman said...

Very nice socks. I would say they were unisex but certainly not feminine. I like the colourway very much and your stitch formations looks excellent.

Dawna said...

I wish I could say the pattern is my own, but actually the hedgehog is a Fiber Trends pattern.


It is a fun and easy little weekend pattern.

abunchofus said...

Thank you! I'll definitely be getting that pattern! My kiddos will love it! Esp. my 2yr old!

Charlie Chuckles said...

Hiya! Had to check out your blog after I saw your Flight of the Conchords posts on Ravelry. I love those guys!! My husband thinks I'm mad - 'This is like Napoleon Dynamite all over again'!!

Nice work by the way! I really love the hedgehog!!

Dawna said...

My husband likes Flight of the Conchords, but just doesn't get into like I do. My son is a big fan, however, and we love to watch them together. He made a CD with songs from every episode that is fun too.

I'll be posting a picture of my really finished hedgehog (with her face) this afternoon. She's a cutie.